You think you’ve got problems?

Think again!  Your problems don’t exist in the real world out there, but only in the way you’ve been pre-conditioned to perceive that world. The fact of the matter is, you actually have everything you need, right now, to live a personally authentic and fulfilling life.

Truly life-changing and effective coaching is concerned with the fact that you are not separated from the physical world in which you find yourself at any given moment but are, instead, an integral part of it.  Your problems are not real, but illusory. They originate from the fact that in the course of your development into adulthood you have been conditioned – brainwashed would perhaps be a better word – by well-meaning but imperceptive role-models, both within your immediate social and familial background and in society as a whole, into believing that that this is not the case. The subliminal message is, that you’ve been weighed in the balance and have been found wanting – that you’re not OK as you are.

But the fact is, that once you get in touch with your true nature, with that which what you really are, you don’t have to worry about what you should do, ought to do, and must do. It’s only then that your activities will become free of conflict – spontaneous, and authentic.  The wide scope of the Unitive® coaching approach facilitates the innate ability that lies dormant within you – to integrate present conflicts between genuine individual need and assumed lifestyle roles and to cope with, and learn through, the process of change.

By rising above the limitations of your pre-conditioning you become free, and you become powerful. Power is not trying to attain some will-o’-the wisp goal in the future – power is actually being completely aware of, and in touch with, what’s happening in the present.  If, in any kind of situation in life, you’re totally present and accurately perceiving what’s going on around you – that’s a very powerful place in which to be.

And it will be recognised as such, believe me.


Charles Bentley PhD

Founder, Unitive® Coaching

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