Unitive life coaching

The Unitive Coaching Approach

Charles Bentley assembled a highly experienced and academically qualified team of tutors who are dedicated to working with the uniquely comprehensive Unitive® approach to personal and professional development.

Unitive® coaching is outstanding in that it uses skills and insights from a rich variety of sources to develop personal charisma and enhanced levels of awareness. Uniquely, it works with all four aspects of human being – thinking, feeling, the perceptive process and intuition – and brings them together to form an authentic individual life experience of being totally in touch with the real world. It’s very different from life coaching programmes that rely solely on cognitively-based methods which assume that individuals can be ‘reprogrammed’ by modelling ‘successful’ attitudes and behaviour patterns.

Unitive® coaching is a journey of self-discovery in the here-and-now, rather than a process of striving toward will-o’-the-wisp goals set in some imaginary future.  There is no challenge, internal or external, that can’t be successfully navigated by a person who has an integrated understanding and relationship with themselves.

The Unitive® approach is entirely individualised. It gives you a calm space for reflection.  It provides you with a route to finding solutions for your own problems, simply by using the forms of expression and pre-existing resources uniquely relevant to yourself. When you gain insight into your own internal processes, you can make the changes you need to transform your life.

The Unitive approach to personal and professional development has evolved into its present form from Charles Bentley’s original work back in the 1970’s as an associate staff member at the Institute of Unitive Psychology in Utrecht, the Netherlands, working with the Institute’s director, the pioneering psychologist Dr. Jay Stattman.

Unitive® coaching uses the insights of gestalt and humanistic psychology to explore how we don’t experience the real world as it is in the reality of the ever-changing present, but through the distorting lenses of negative conditioning and life-denying influences in our personal past. It is now recognised world-wide by a discerning clientele as a comprehensive tutorial framework within which an enduring and valid personal and professional authenticity can be built.

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