Here’s a selection of life coaching testimonials and quotes from individuals, organisations and the quality press:

“My Unitive personal coach absorbs facts and helps me figure out what’s going on.”
City entrepreneur and property developer, as quoted in The Financial Times

“Charles Bentley runs his own personal and corporate coaching business, helping executives to balance a nine to five – more likely to be an eight to eight – with the more important things in life.”
The Daily Telegraph

“I have known Dr Bentley and his work for a number of years… I am greatly impressed by his manner and style at making people relaxed and feel accepted. He is highly perceptive and combines analytical and intuitive insights. I have sent him individuals during episodes of personal crisis and self-doubt, and would not hesitate to refer to him religious and priests in need of a lay facilitator. He is excellent in his work.”
The Rev. Fr. Michael Seed STD PhD, Ecumenical Officer, Westminster Cathedral

“As the wife of a senior Finnish diplomat, I came to the Unitive professional coaching course all the way from Mozambique. The experience gave me a new and profound understanding of myself and made my personal career plans much clearer. I can highly recommend coaching with Dr. Bentley to anyone who is looking for deeper changes in one’s life and work.”
Maarit Suokas-Alanko, Helsinki, Finland

“Thank you so much for your participation in our programme… some truly insightful moments were vocalised in Dave Stewart’s session with you.”
Mark James, director, Omnibus, BBC1 TV

“The workshop certainly provoked thought… people both enjoyed it and found it extremely useful. I would describe it as an extremely worthwhile exercise.”
Elaine Richardson, training manager. Bedfordshire NHS Authority

“The one-to-one sessions with Charles have had a deep impact on my life. He has helped me discover so much about myself as an actor and a human being. He was a guiding light through the most difficult time of my life and I have come out the other side able to experience relationships more deeply and be in a much happier place in my career. Charles is a truly authentic individual – which I have found has rubbed off on me rather nicely!”
Craig Deuchar  

“I have almost completed the Unitive training course and the first thing to note is that this is very different to what one would conventionally associate with coaching – in a good way! It is much more profound and meaningful than the usual goal setting and goal achieving formulae that seem to pervade much of this sphere. It took a few sessions for me to realise what this was all about and I now feel qualified to say that it is pretty transformational. How? By culturing the ability to rely on your intuition and confidence in what is going on in real life rather than your thoughts about it, life becomes simpler, sweeter, more peaceful and more magical. Read up on the website, and if you feel a magnetic pull, then walk through the door.”
Mark Heath

“After many years of searching and questioning and doubting, I stumbled upon Charles Bentley’s website. As a trained Clinical Psychologist I still felt unqualified to deal with my own emotions and life. My time spent with Charles Bentley has helped me find clarity and peace within myself. He showed me that this is a life journey, and gave me the tools to cope with whatever swings my way. Charles Bentley is not only highly educated and very experienced in human behaviour, he is also an authentic, developed human being, who has managed to realise his potential in his life time. This is why he is so well equipped to help people be the best that they can be.”
Maria Pantazis

“After years of going through life confused I finally found myself. I am happy and on the right track. Thank you very much Charles. Very professional, brilliant work, highly recommended!”
Magy Angelova

“Thank you so much Charles for my one to one sessions, I look at things differently now and have so much more confidence in my day to day life… I don’t know where I would be now if I hadn’t taken them. Highly recommended.”
Jeni Harding

“I was at a crossroad and feeling the pressures of life when I realised that I had to make a change. I can highly recommend your professional life coaching programme – the one to one sessions were meticulous, rewarding and truly life changing, and the motivational group workshop was brilliant. The course was just the breakthrough I needed, and I now feel the benefits in my day-to-day life. By bringing me back in touch with my inner self, my intuition and my creative abilities, I can connect so much better now with the reality of the world around me. I found my feet again!”
Sandy Soukhavong

“It’s difficult to put down in words the lived experience of Unitive Coaching and how or why it works. If you’re one of those high-flyers who wants nothing more than a pre-packaged induction to the heady realms of goal-oriented, instantaneous self-improvement – you may find yourself disappointed. If you’re someone who genuinely wants to transform your experience of living in extraordinary and unexpected ways – this may just be for you. Through it you might learn to let go of self-reproach and needless anxiety, to truly become the person you already are – quite all right, if only you knew it! Then, maybe, you can start to enjoy the journey. Whatever, in Charles you’ll have the very best of travelling companions.”
Gareth John

“I found the Unitive Professional Coaching Course different and more effective than other coaching courses. As a law lecturer, I have been looking to incorporate a different and appropriate way of coaching into my day to day work. I found Charles Bentley’s Unitive approach to personal and professional coaching focussed clearly and directly on growth and development rather than merely attaining external goals. Instead of being a quick x, my experience is that it had the unique facility to tap into my ability to create longer lasting personal development.”
Elizabeth Ajagbe

“I made the journey to London from my home in Kuwait to attend the Unitive coaching course of a series of one-to-one sessions followed by a group workshop. It was also a journey of discovery, to regain my lost authenticity and to work with new and progressive changes in my own society. Now, when I look at my life, I know that I am so much more aware of my own potential and that of the world around me. Like a new born infant, I had the chance to grow into the real me by locating the unresolved issues in my own life – to get back in touch with long-denied vital sources of power and love. Now that I use the Unitive approach to personal development in my personal and professional coaching work, my life has become much more warm and fulfilling. Thank you, Charles!”
Amjad Alghanem

“I first spoke to Charles Bentley by phone when I was working in Qatar and he was in the UK. His way with words, friendliness and reassuring voice made me feel at ease and after being assessed, Charles and I agreed to start a Unitive life coaching course using Skype. I continued with the coaching until I came back to the UK and worked with Charles at his central London venue to finish off the sessions. The two day workshop at the end of the course was attended by myself and people from places like Syria, India, Spain, Italy and of course people from around the UK. It was a huge success because we had all been through similar sessions with Charles and now we met as a group together with his senior associates Andy and Anna Katrin – both exceptionally professional, down-to-earth and friendly people. At the end of the workshop we felt sad that we were going our different ways but all agreed that our confidence had been boosted for both our own personal lives and our future professional prospects as Unitive life coaches.”
Michael Mulligan

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