The Unitive® professional life coaching course is a most effective route to establishing your own enduring and successful professional life coaching practice. We are not into catch-all marketing methods – to be accepted into our course and subsequent registration as a Licensed Unitive® Coach, you’ll need to have a natural talent for interpersonal relationships and a commitment to bringing your own personal development up to a very advanced level.

Become A Licensed Unitive® Life Coach

Life Coaching Course London - Become A Life Coach
There are many organisations offering ‘qualifications’ in life coaching, but the fact is that no recognised professional statutory bodies or legal requirements presently exist, or are likely to exist in the foreseeable future. The title ‘life coach’ is entirely unregulated – there is nothing to stop you from calling yourself a life coach right now, regardless of whether or not you’ve been through one or other of the many courses on offer.

Our professional life coaching course is different as it is an entirely personal journey delivered through one-to-one tutorials. Places are therefore limited and we necessarily have a selective intake.  We will only accept you as a prospective applicant by mutual consent and if after an initial session we feel you have a latent, instinctive gift for this kind of work.

On course completion you will be awarded a certificate as evidence of your achievement, added to the register of Unitive® life coaches and licensed to use our prestigious title and logo on your website and/or promotional and professional literature.

The term Unitive® coaching is a registered trademark and can only be used by coaches who have completed this professional life coaching course.

Professional Life Coaching Course Tutors

Our professional life coaching tutors all worked directly with our Founder, Charles Bentley PhD. This highly qualified and experienced team of professional tutors are dedicated to work exclusively with competent applicants who have the potential for high levels of achievement in this new and rapidly expanding field.

The life coaching course is delivered through a unique blend of one-to-one tutorials, personal development coaching sessions and self-directed learning the core concepts, and techniques of Unitive life coaching rooted in gestalt and humanistic psychology.

The entire course will take from three months up to one year depending on individual circumstances. Most people complete the course in 3-5 months.

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If you feel you have what it takes or feel an inner calling to this type of work, contact us without any obligation at this stage on either side, using this form to find out more about the life coaching course and how it can facilitate your innate potential to achieve the highest levels of professional coaching competence.

Your enquiry will be treated in the strictest confidence, and we guarantee that your personal details will not be divulged to any external source.

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