Online Personal Development Course

The Inner Quest Programme

Go on an inner journey of personal discovery with our online personal development course to reconnect with your authentic self, unlock your true potential, re-evaluate your priorities, explore new ways to find meaning and fulfilment in your life.

Gain lasting insights for application in your everyday personal, spiritual, social and working life.

  • Re-evaluate life roles
  • Chart a new course
  • Develop your self-awareness
  • Explore the meaning of fulfilment
  • Reconnect with your inner creativity
  • Redefine success
  • Find inner resilience
  • Gain self-understanding
  • Realise lasting insights
Online Personal Development Course

"There's no need to get "better". You're all right as you are - and there's nobody out there with the power to tell you otherwise."

Charles Bentley PhD, the Founder of Unitive® Coaching.

Life Coach London UK - Dr Charles Bentley

Chart a new way ahead with The Inner Quest Programme

Personal development works best when there is time to learn new things, space for reflection and an understanding guide by your side.

The Inner Quest Programme is an online personal development course designed to do exactly that. A self-directed programme spread over 6-12 weeks, it gives you the time and space to reflect, learn, experiment and explore.

It is a person-centred approach, that aims to facilitate your own journey of self-development in a personally relevant and meaningful way.

Experiential Blended Learning

This is not a theoretical online course to acquire yet more knowledge. Instead this is a practical and experiential programme where you learn new concepts and techniques from the course materials, reflect on them and apply them experientially in six one-to-one online personal development coaching sessions via video call. The sessions incorporate interpersonal skills tuition where you explore your own life experience in a safe and secure environment with a coach who has gone through the same process.

It is a journey of personal discovery where we already know the destination: HOME. Back home to your true authentic self, underneath all the life roles, rules and expectations from others. A place where you can feel rooted at last.

Towards Personal Integration

Unitive® Coaching is a holistic approach that blends gestalt and humanistic psychology insights to help you integrate your thinking, feelings, perception and intuition into a balanced whole.

As its name suggests, it aims for an internal unity – a resolution of the polar opposites that hold people back from being their true selves and fulfilling their potential.

Within yourself you have the potential to integrate your internalised conflicts into a unified whole, greater than the sum of its separate parts.

Instead of being pulled in different directions by what you feel you should do, or you ought to do or you must do, you can at last begin to follow your own coherent and authentic pathway through life.

Finally you can give up on the quest for perfection and be the only thing you can be – you.

The result? It’s what other’s might call charisma – the hallmark of true individuality.

Four Levels of Personal Development

Unitive® Coaching considers four different levels.

At the rational level - brings to awareness obsolete and redundant patterns of acquired behaviour

At an emotional level - reconciles spontaneous feelings with fresh intellectual insight

At a perceptive level - empowers you with self-knowledge and the scope of your true potential

At the intuitive level - facilitates deeper connection with your imagination, spirit and creativity

Developing Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the key step towards gaining a fuller understanding of ourselves. Through a creative co-operation  between yourself and your coach, you will raise your levels of self-awareness, putting you more in touch with who you really are.

To live your life to the full, you need to be totally aware of what’s happening around and within you at any given moment.

By developing your awareness, you can experience each moment as a present reality, rather than through the distorting mirror of the past. You then become more receptive to your own true responses and those of others.

Living in the Present Moment

Many of us live in our heads. Ruminating regretfully about the past that no longer exists. Worrying about an imagined future that will never exist. Planning the next great achievement, whilst all the time ignoring the one that we have just accomplished.

We seem to exist in any time but now.

Modern life is very busy, more stimulation is just a swipe away. We get lost in the noise and life passes us by. There’s no time to be in all the doing and no time to enjoy what we have when we always strive to have more. Life is full of pressure and that is often experienced as stress and anxiety.

We seem to exist in any place but here.

During the course you will learn simple ways to get out of your head and come to your senses, to get real, and live in the here-and-now, to look at problems in a whole new way, manage the symptoms of stress and discover ways to tap into your innate reserves of resilience and resourcefulness.

Who does this course appeal to?

This online personal development course particularly appeals to perceptive people who are highly-motivated and committed and have had sufficient life experience to recognise that they need to try a different, more authentic route through life.

Past clients have included:

  • people considering a career change and wanting to explore their true vocation
  • individuals struggling to balance the conflicting requirements of different roles at home and at work
  • those re-evaluating their identity as significant life roles end (e.g. children leaving home, redundancy, retirement)
  • managers and executives split between staying true to their inner values and the daily reality of corporate culture
  • creative artists wishing to get in touch with their inner creativity and intuition
  • professionals wishing to improve their inter-personal skills and empathy
  • business leaders looking to enhance their charisma and self-confidence
  • those seeking a deeper spiritual connection, searching for meaning, purpose and fulfilment

Certificate of Advanced Personal Development

Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Advanced Personal Development, in recognition of the work that you have done and the personal journey you have been on.

What have past clients said?

"The experience gave me a new and profound understanding of myself and made my personal career plans much clearer." Maarit Suokas-Alanko, Finland

"It is pretty transformational" Mark Heath

"After years of going through life confused I finally found myself. I am happy and on the right track." Magy Angelova

"If you’re someone who genuinely wants to transform your experience of living in extraordinary and unexpected ways – this may just be for you." Gareth John

What is the course fee?

The fee for The Inner Quest Programme is £997, payable in advance.

The fee for this online personal development course includes all the course learning materials, nine hours of personalised one-to-one coaching and tuition via video call, ongoing support via email and the certificate of completion.

There are no hidden extras.

Coaching and tuition calls are arranged by mutual agreement, spread evenly across the 6-12 weeks.

The flexible online delivery gives the best of both worlds – no travel time and no travel costs, the convenience of working at your own pace, coupled with the essential core component of one-to-one personal development sessions.

Is this course really for me?

Maybe you finally deserve to give a gift to yourself – the gift of self-acceptance.

Maybe as you look ahead to the next phase of your life you’d like to live it differently.

Maybe now is the time to take full responsibility for your life, to act independently and to embrace who you really are.

  • If you've been wondering what the meaning of life is...
  • If you're yearning for more joy and creativity in your life...
  • If you're realising that you can't "have it all", after all...
  • If you're asking yourself "who am I?"...
  • If you feel constantly torn in different directions...
  • If you've achieved most of your material goals and are now asking "is this it?"...
  • If you're baffled by interpersonal relationships...
  • If you feel frustrated that you still can't connect with others...

…then maybe – just maybe – this Inner Quest Programme is for you.

You already know the destination. It’s home.

You already know what you’ll find at the end of your Quest. It’s you.

Maybe that’s worth a few weeks of your time.

Maybe you’re worth a few weeks of your time.

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