Now that you’re grown up, what are you going to be?

The Unitive® approach to life coaching, evolved over three decades from the uniquely innovative work of Charles Bentley PhD, works with grown up individuals who are ready to rediscover their authentic pathway through life – to get back in touch with their innate ability to cope with what is really happening in the magical immediacy of the present.

For many people in these turbulent times, the rapidly escalating rate of change creates feelings of anxiety and can generate the painful tensions associated with unresolved stress.  The result is that they eventually become unable or unwilling to deal with the day-to-day issues and emotional conflicts that inevitably arise in the course of their working and personal lives.

The Unitive® coaching process delivers a creative combination of proven resource skills and intuitive insight development. The focus always remains on what is actually taking place at any given moment.  There are no scripted or pre-set routines; no abstract theorising or ‘psychobabble’, role-playing games or set exercises.  The entire coaching process therefore becomes a uniquely relevant experience, tailor-made to fit the immediate needs of each person taking part. The steep learning curves achieved result in fast and measurable effects in cost savings and dramatic improvement in personal motivation and self-esteem.

Charles Bentley and his colleagues in the Unitive® coaching  team  provide a secure and supportive framework within which perceptive adults can work with the inevitability of change, and in the process become changed themselves.  At the individual level, the Unitive® coaching process will facilitate personal authenticity and the self-understanding needed to cope with hidden feelings and to empathise with those of others. And from an organisational point of view, it achieves high levels of efficiency by the application of the most effective techniques in people management and team development.

… take time out to find your true vocation in life!