One-To-One Life Coaching Sessions

Life coaching sessions are personal one-to-one sessions with a life coach where you can explore personal challenges, re-assess life roles and gain self-understanding.

Gain lasting insights for practical application in your every-day personal, social and working life.

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Unitive® Professional Life Coaching Course

The Unitive® professional life coaching course is the most effective route to establishing your own enduring and successful personal and professional coaching practice. We are not into catch-all marketing methods – to be accepted into our course and subsequent registration as a Unitive® life coaching practitioner you’ll need to have a natural talent for interpersonal relationships and a commitment to bringing your own personal development up to a very advanced level.

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Rediscover Authentic Living

Rediscover The Authentic You! Are you looking for more fulfilment in your life? Ready now to explore your true potential? In these uncertain and rapidly changing times, the chances are that you presently feel you’ve lost your way. The recent failures of the economic system show that we can’t “have it all”. You, like many others, may now be realising that the individual compromises and sacrifices of personal integrity you’ve had to endure in order to achieve the illusion of material success just weren’t worth the effort.

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