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Life Coach London - Charles Bentley PhD

London life coach Charles Bentley is recognised as one of the most qualified and experienced life coaches practising in the UK today.

Charles is the originator of the Unitive® approach to life coaching, which he developed over the past three decades as a result of his work in the field of human potential. The approach uniquely incorporates skills and insights from a rich variety of sources to develop personal charisma and enhanced levels of awareness.

His humanistic and wide-ranging approach to life coaching is not based on any pre-conceived theory or set of beliefs, but has evolved organically over a period of years as a result of his long experience in the field of personal and professional development.

His life coaching clientele includes media personalities, entrepreneurs and many professionals in the business and corporate world, media and the arts.

He has been quoted in the national quality press as a recognised authority on life coaching and has appeared on BBC TV’s ‘Omnibus’ series, Channel 4 TV, ITV1 and BBC Radio 4.

After originally qualifying as a pharmaceutical chemist at the University of London and gaining membership of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, he became increasingly concerned over the widespread use of psychotropic, mind-changing drugs to modify and alter the way people thought, felt and acted.  This led him to search for a radically different, humanistic approach that would allow individuals to regain responsibility for changes in their own lives, rather than a continuing dependence on medication, external directives and/or obsolete personal attitudes and patterns of behaviour.

Its outstanding quality is that it works with all four aspects of human being – thinking, feeling, the perceptive process and intuition – and brings them together to form an authentic individual life experience of being totally in touch with the real world.

The Unitive® approach is all about experiencing each event in life in the light of present reality, instead of through the distorting mirrors of the past.

In order to access your innate sources of personal wisdom, you’ll need first to let go of those bits of your previously acquired stuff that’s now become useless  and immerse yourself completely in whatever new experience life may come up with.  Once you’ve become part of that experience, your entire being – mind, body and spirit – will become an instrument for opening up receptive channels of communication between your own true responses and those of the people who share your  present environment. Instead of trying to influence events from the outside, you’ll find you’ve become an integral part of them.  It’s a magical process: personally experiencing the power of the present instead of just observing it from the outside.

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