Holistic Life Coaching

Unitive® Life Coaching is different and distinctive – a uniquely holistic approach that has evolved into its present form over the past three decades.  By covering every aspect of you as a whole person – thinking, feeling, perception and intuition – it recognises you as the complex and unique individual you really are, as distinct from many other life coaching approaches that focus on just one particular aspect.

Our approach enables you to explore your true nature in a safe and secure coaching environment, enabling you to reconnect with that which you truly are – your own authentic and unique individuality.

Our creative, holistic approach achieves its permanent results by facilitating a deeper exploration into the unexplored potentials that exist within each and every one of us.

Operating within a flexible holistic framework rather than a rigid structure, it facilitates the near-transcendental state of authentic being in which you become totally aware of your own uniqueness and at the same time remain completely in touch with the reality of the presenting world.

Working with a Unitive® Life Coach will provide you with the guidance and support you will need to realise your true potential and authentic vocation.

Unitive® Coaching can – and will – transform the way you live your life.

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