Get back to where you once belonged!

When you first came into this world, you had within you all you needed to follow your individual path… to find your real function in life.  To be yourself. You arrived fully equipped with the intuitive gift of true awareness – an innate ability to see the world as it really is, so that you could take the first steps toward the creation of your own, authentic way of living.

In these difficult times, the chances are that you presently feel you’ve lost your way.  To get back in touch with the instinctive wisdom – the built-in survival mechanism that lives deep within you – you need to take the first step in your journey back to the rediscovery of your own, unique lifelong purpose, meaning and vocation.

To arrive back to where you started is to regain the essence of  pure enlightenment, the inborn intuitive gift that knows more about why you presently continue to act out an unauthentic life than any so-called ‘expert’ who may in the past have offered you facile solutions to your own life-long questions.

The one aspect of the Unitive® approach to rediscovering yourself, which marks it out from all other approaches, is that it is centred on attaining awareness – getting real, getting back in touch with the reality which embraces all humanity and the whole universe and which will at the same time transcend your present level of life consciousness.  We work to facilitate you toward the realisation of this transcendent element in your life and enable you to charismatically communicate your experience to others.

Our Unitive® approach to personal rediscovery will guide you on your journey back to your true self: through a deeper understanding of negative personal attitudes and behaviour patterns that are fixed in the past; through experiencing the joy of living in the present moment; and by re-connecting yourself with that which you really are – with your deep natural wellsprings of talent and creativity.

So, take care, and start to be yourself!


Charles Bentley PhD

Founder, Unitive® Coaching