Feeling lost?

Do you have an insistent, internal voice that says, ‘Who am I, really? I’m feeling lost…I’ve lost myself, lost my sense of identity. I don’t know who or what I am any more.  I’ve lost my life, my true destiny.’

Do you feel you’ve done everything in your career you wanted to and now no longer feel motivated by it?  Attained the material success you’ve been conditioned to achieve but lost your sense of direction in life?  Or maybe you no longer have a major role that you can strongly identify with – you’ve lost a job, or have become redundant, or are now retired, or perhaps your children have now grown up and left home.

The chances are that instead of fulfilling your own, instinctive and authentic function in the world, you as an individual have flown in the face of your own true nature for so long that you’re now feeling lost – out of touch with your potential for living an authentic and meaningful life.

But once you really get in touch with your intuitive, instinctive strengths, it will then become clear in which way you are destined to travel.  Your feeling of identity loss is due to the fact that you are not presently aware of that which you truly are. If you become aware of what you really are, you’ll just watch with total acceptance what is happening in each, and every present moment in your life. And you’ll experience its absolute truth, beauty and authenticity, simply because you haven’t got in the way.

Instead of swimming against the tide of that which you really are, float instead, and go with the flow.  You’ll be amazed at the profound changes that happen in the on-going scenery of your personal life. Instead of feeling lost, you will have arrived home – an authentic being, secure within your true self. Not lost, but found. 

                                              “We shall not cease from exploration

                                              And the end of all our exploring                                       

                                              Will be to arrive where we started                         

                                              And know the place for the first time.”

                                                                                                                              T S Eliot

Charles Bentley