The uniquely comprehensive Unitive® approach to life coaching and personal development has developed over the past four decades as a result of my work in the field of human potential. After originally qualifying as a pharmaceutical chemist at the University of London and gaining membership of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, I became increasingly concerned over the widespread use of psychotropic, mind-changing drugs to modify and alter the way people thought, felt and acted. This led me to search for a radically different, humanistic approach that would allow individuals to regain responsibility for changes in their own lives, rather than a continuing dependence on medication, external directives and/or obsolete personal attitudes and patterns of behaviour.

In 1978, after gaining a master’s degree in phenomenological psychology at Goddard College in Vermont, USA, I re-located to the Netherlands in order to work with the pioneering psychologist Dr. Jay Stattman, the principal of the Institute of Unitive Psychology in Utrecht, who supervised my PhD thesis. I subsequently became a faculty member at the Institute, working with Dr. Stattman in setting up human potential courses, seminars and training facilities all over Europe.

I have worked in the UK, Europe and the USA as a professional agent of change with many international companies and a wide range of institutions. My life coaching clientele includes media personalities, entrepreneurs and many professionals in the business and corporate world, media and the arts. I have often been quoted in the national quality press as a recognised authority on personal and business coaching and have appeared on BBC TV’s ‘Omnibus’ series, Channel 4 TV, ITV1 and BBC Radio 4.

My Unitive® approach to personal development is unique in its field. It was incorporated in 2000 in order to facilitate individuals to take responsibility for their own personal development.  Originally based in London, we have been accessible for many people world-wide, which enables the organisation I founded to provide a wide range of products and services, both to UK and international clients, including life coaching courses and tuition, one-to-one life coaching, personal development workshops and publications.

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