Carl Rogers quote

“… I feel that risk-taking is one of the many things I myself have learned from experience…. Though I do not always live up to it, I have learned that basically there is nothing to be afraid of. When I present myself as I am, when I can just come forth non-defensively, without armour, just me – when I can accept the fact that I have many deficiencies and faults, make many mistakes, and am often ignorant when I should be knowledgeable, often prejudiced when I should be open-minded, often having feelings that are not justified by the circumstances – then I can be much more real.

 And when I come out wearing no armour, making no effort to be different from what I am, I learn much more – even from criticism and hostility – and am much more relaxed and get much closer to people. Besides, my willingness to be vulnerable brings forth so much more real feeling from other people in relation to me that it is very rewarding. So I enjoy life very much more when I am not defensive, not hiding behind a facade, but just trying to be and express the real me.

This willingness to take the risk of being one’s inner self is certainly one of the steps toward relieving the loneliness that exists in each one of us and putting us in genuine touch with other human beings. “