Feeling lost?

Heart-felt hearing

Individualism: The Anxiety of Success

Individualism and Anxiety - Society values individualism, success and the ego, yet this creates anxiety as materialism…

Coping with Change

Coping with change is essential in today's uncertain world. Going with the flow of life is a key part of our personal…

Anxiety – what is it and where does it come from?

Anxiety is increasingly an issue for people coping with this economic downturn, but what is anxiety and where does it…

Reflections on a Coaching Workshop

Coaching workshop in London demonstrates the Unitive® ™ life coaching approach to personal development.

Experiencing life to the full

The other day I was listening on the radio to a British officer, freshly returned from Afghanistan, talking about…

Lifeboat – what lifeboat?

A sea change!... feedback from a member of our Jan 23rd/24th weekend seminar Just back from attending a weekend seminar…

Get out of jail free

You have to realise you're in prison, before you can start planning your escape.

Who wants to be perfect?

'Nobody's perfect!' - and it's OK! Perfection is unattainable and so trying to be perfect is very hard work! All you…

“Let’s dare to be ourselves!”

Being yourself is much easier than playing roles and striving to be someone else. To be ourselves is the one thing we…

What’s in a question?

Life coach considers whether making statements is better than asking open questions.

Everything is alright

...a client shares his thoughts. Living in the here and now is the only reality – the future doesn’t exist and…

This is it!

Being fully present and aware of yourself is all there is, experience the moment – this is it!

Are you really listening?

Listening skills are essential for any life coach and can be developed using this simple exercise. Forget yourself and…

My new life coach

Life coach with a twist helps new father experience childlike honesty and authenticity.

The Unexamined Life…

Charles Bentley introduces the core concepts of Unitive® ™ coaching.

Problem or difficulty?

Things may be difficult out there, but the real problem's within you!

Living in the real world

Ram Dass quote gives insight into living in the real world and being conscious of the here-and-now.

Carl Rogers quote

Carl Rogers quote explores the freedom of risk-taking, being vulnerable and being the real me.