Rediscover The Authentic You!

Are you looking for more fulfilment in your life? Ready now to explore your true potential?

In these uncertain and rapidly changing times, the chances are that you presently feel you’ve lost your way. The recent failures of the economic system show that we can’t “have it all”. You, like many others, may now be realising that the individual compromises and sacrifices of personal integrity you’ve had to endure in order to achieve the illusion of material success just weren’t worth the effort.

If, instead of striving for uncertain goals in some imagined future, you feel instinctively that you need to find a new way of living your life, you will find the solution to the problems of the present already lies within you. To get back in touch with your intuitive wisdom – the built-in survival mechanism that is your birthright – you’ll need to take the first step in your journey back to the rediscovery of your own, unique lifelong purpose, meaning and vocation.

But you can’t pick yourself up by your own bootlaces. To start the process, you’ll need to see yourself reflected and totally accepted as you really are, by a competent and highly skilled professional coach who has highly developed qualities of non-judgmental and compassionate acceptance.

The one aspect of our Unitive® approach to rediscovering yourself, which marks it out from all other approaches, is that it is centred on attaining awareness – getting real, getting back with the reality which embraces all humanity and which will at the same time transform your present level of life consciousness.  We work to facilitate you toward the experience of this transcendent element in your life and enable you to communicate its authenticity to others.

In our workshops and/or in one-to-one sessions with the associate of your choice, the uniquely comprehensive Unitive® approach will introduce you to the power of personal rediscovery.  In your personal journey back to regaining the joy of authentic living, you can:

  • find true meaning and fulfilment in your life
  • get back in touch with your innate creativity
  • discover your innate potential for self-expression
  • manage stress and cope under pressure

The Unitive® approach to personal rediscovery will guide you on your way back to your true self: through a deeper understanding of negative personal attitudes and behaviour patterns that are fixed in the past; through experiencing the joy of living in the present moment; and by re-connecting yourself with that which you really are – with your deep natural wellsprings of talent and creativity.
So, take care, and start to be yourself!

There’s no time like the present, and the time to begin your journey is now!

Get back in touch with your true self…
See how the Unitive® approach can guide you on your way.