Our Philosophy

To be truly in touch with who you are is the essence of personal power.

What do our clients say?

“My personal coach absorbs facts and helps me figure out what’s going on.”

City entrepreneur and property developer, as quoted in The Financial Times

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What does a Unitive® Coach do?

A Unitive® Coach supports you on your own unique journey of personal development. They enable you to explore your true nature, and accompany you on a journey back to your own personal authenticity. You will not be told what you should do, or be put through a pre-determined process, personality profile or bullet-pointed coaching model.  You know what’s best for you – if only you could get in touch with it!  A Unitive® Coach is there as a facilitator, providing you with space to be yourself, perhaps for the first time! You will be offered a personalised approach, uniquely tailored to your individual needs.

What do our clients say?

“As the wife of a senior Finnish diplomat, I came to the Unitive® professional coaching course all the way from Mozambique. The experience gave me a new and profound understanding of myself and made my personal career plans much clearer. I can highly recommend coaching with Dr. Bentley to anyone who is looking for deeper changes in one’s life and work.”

How long have we been around?

The Unitive® approach to personal development has been in its present form since the mid-1990s (we’ve been on the internet even longer than Google!) and its authenticity is now protected around the world by its registered trade mark.

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